Recovery Voices Count

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The addiction crises in the United States is the most pressing public health issue of our time…and no corner of Oregon has been left untouched by this epidemic. That being the case, the issue of addiction and recovery should be on the top of every voter’s mind this election season. Policy decisions on these issues are literally a life and death matter.

Those in recovery, and those who have been touched by the devastation of addiction, matter more than ever this year.

We’ve launched our Recovery Voices Count voter education campaign! We don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to be informed and cast a vote that counts. In partnership with other local and national recovery organizations, the Club created a questionnaire on the issues important to the recovery community and distributed it to local candidates running for office. We will hopefully have their responses soon and disperse them among our members so we all have a better idea of who is on our side fighting for recovery.

October 18th is quickly approaching! We have set up a table in the Club foyer with voter registration cards given to us by the City of Portland. Fill it out, slip it in the box, and get ready to speak loud!

Don’t just trust the process. Be the process.