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Because Recovery Matters.

Every year, the Alano Club enables more recovering individuals and families to reclaim their lives than any other treatment organization in Oregon.

As the only recovery support center of its kind in the area, we welcome more than 10,000 visitors through our doors each month, offering compassionate support and fellowship—all free of charge.

As a non-profit recovery support center, we don’t do this vital work alone. We depend on the generosity of caring people like you! Your gift today will give someone in desperate need the chance to lead a full and productive life in sobriety. When you donate to the Alano Club, you not only change lives, but you help save them.

Planned Giving:
What will your legacy be?

Your legacy can transform the lives of those suffering from addiction and help pave the way to long-term, successful recovery. By making The Alano Club a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plans, life insurance policy or financial accounts, your generosity will go even further to support thousands of men, women and families in recovery across the Portland community.

For more information on how you can create your own lasting legacy of healing with a planned gift, please contact Club Director Brent Canode at 503-222-5756 or

“I can’t think of a better way to ensure that the Club continues to serve as a beacon of hope and support for all those in recovery who turn to it for help each year than by including it in my estate plan. It’s wonderful to know I’ll be a part of the Club’s healing legacy for many generations to come.”
– Steven, Cora Klein Legacy Society Member

A Few Ways to Make a Planned Gift:

  • Estates and Bequests

    A gift through your will or living trust is a simple but significant way to support the Club. Estate gifts designate a dollar amount or a percentage of the estate’s value to a charity as outlined in your will or living trust.

  • Retirement plans

    Designating the Club to receive the remainder of your retirement plan can be a tax-efficient way to make a significant gift. Making a donation of all or a portion of a retirement plan to a charity lets you avoid both estate and income taxes. It’s easy to do: Call your retirement plan administrator and ask to fill out a new beneficiary designation form.

  • Real Estate

    Donating real estate is often a smart move and an efficient way to leave a legacy gift to the Club. It can remove the burdens of owning property and offer attractive tax benefits. When you donate real estate to a charitable organization, you avoid paying costly capital gains taxes on the difference between the sale and original price. 

Interested in learning more about the many benefits of planned giving?

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The Story of Cora Klein & The Power of Planned Giving


In 1967 the Alano Club of Portland received the planned gift of a lifetime when Cora Klein willed her estate to the Club. Her donation included what is now our iconic, landmark home, known to people in recovery far and wide as one of the most historic and beautiful support centers of its kind. Little is known about Cora’s life in Portland, other than that she lived alone and often rented rooms to single women in need of help. While the details of Cora’s life may be a bit of a mystery, her belief in the power and potential of the Alano Club of Portland to touch hearts and change lives couldn’t be clearer. Because of her strong conviction, she left her historic home to the Club so that we could provide a supportive and loving home to the thousands of recovering men, women and families who turn to us for support and fellowship each year.

The Cora Klein Legacy Society

The Cora Klein Legacy Society was established in 2012 to honor people like Cora who have generously included the Alano Club of Portland in their estate plans. By joining the Society, you will help ensure that the Club remains a vital source of support and fellowship for recovering individuals and families now and well into the future. To learn more about how you can create a lasting legacy of healing and recovery as a Society member, please contact Club Director Brent Canode at 503-222-5756 or